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Main Ordering Statements of Shopping_Paradise

All your orders are listed in your SP account here.

Once we receive your payment, your order will be shipped after several steps.

Please refer to the different order states and their meanings below:

While waiting for payment:

This order is unpaid. Feel free to pay for your order now. Once we receive your payment, we will process your order.


You tried to pay us via PayPal e-check. At this time, we have not yet received your payment, check your account balance or Paypal bank account and confirm if your funds are sufficient. If payment has been successfully completed, send us the transaction number or proof of payment to expedite the process.


You have just paid for your order, our server will download your order soon and we will start processing your order. Thank you for your patience.

Being processed:

Generally, ZAFUL will process orders for 3-10 business days after payment. The processing steps of your order are as follows.

1- Reception and allocation of items for your order

2- Inspect the quality of your items

3- Pack and print shipping labels.

Once the 3 steps have completed, we will ship your order.

* For more information about our shipping time for your specific item, please refer to the product page and see i.e "Shipping: Delivery within 10 -20 business days.


Your order has left our warehouse and has been collected by the carrier for shipping. We can not change your order.


Your full order has been sent and is now being delivered. Please follow the delivery in your account and follow the article online.

Additional SHOPPING-PARADISE Order Statuses

Partial order sent:

Part of your order has left our warehouse and has already been collected by the carrier. Other items are still under preparation for shipping. At this time, you can still contact us to change the addresses / items for items that are not yet shipped. We will send them as soon as possible.

Partial order shipped:

part of your order has been sent and is being delivered. Other items are still under preparation for shipping.

For items shipped, please check the shipping information to your account and track the package online. We will ship the remaining items as soon as possible.


Your unpaid order is canceled. Do not hesitate to place an order again at any time.


Your order has been refunded from us. For Paypal payment, please wait 3-7 business days for the transaction to be completed on your account. For payment by credit card, it will take 7 to 25 business days depending on your credit card provider.